The Leadership Training Program to become a Successful Modern Leader

The path to becoming a Successful Modern Leader is about learning the needed skills and, most of all, the evolution of who we are. My leadership training program aims to develop successful leaders who have positive values and who build a meaningful and sustainable life for themselves, for the people around them and, collectively, for the whole world.

The first step to becoming a Successful Modern Leader is understanding who you are and who you want to be. Before leading others, you need to know how to lead yourself and how to give meaning to your life. To understand who you are and who you want to be as a leader, you need to train your mind to see and experience the world with an entirely new perspective. You need to learn how to manage your emotions and instincts and how to appreciate life. You need to learn how to perform and be successful without transforming your life into a fight or hell. You need to see beyond the surface. You need to develop a holistic view of the world. I have written the book “Brilliant Well-Being, 7 steps to becoming confident, successful and happy” and designed a dedicated online training and workshop to teach professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders how to achieve these objectives.

To become a leader, you need to learn what makes leaders successful. You need to learn the most powerful leadership techniques and how to be resilient when ruthless leadership techniques are used against you. To operate successfully in any organization, you need to understand the key organizational structures and the core leadership political beliefs. You also need to be ready to operate in the world of the future. I have written the book “Mindful Leader, Ruthless Leader – what leaders don’t reveal about the real reason for their success” and designed a dedicated online training and workshop to teach how to achieve these objectives.

To be successful as a leader, it is crucial that you engage people in your mission and convince people to take action to achieve your vision. Nowadays, some ruthless leaders tell lies with such a level of conviction that they can persuade thousands of people and teams of a fake reality. Leaders with positive values must learn to communicate with self-confidence and authenticity to be successful. Only leaders who are persuasive, eloquent and credible can win the game in the modern world. I have designed a dedicated online training and workshop, “Communicate as a Leader!” supported by videos and workbooks to teach you how to achieve these objectives.

It is fundamental for you, as a Leader with positive values, to be able to deliver successfully. If you do not deliver and do not demonstrate your personal significance, you will never be able to survive as a leader in this world. Unfortunately, reality teaches us that it is not sufficient to have positive values to be successful. On the contrary, positive values usually put constraints on the area of operations of leaders. Reckless leaders have much more freedom to find solutions to win the game because they allow themselves to be unethical. The way forward is to become super-competent in building your strategy and super-effective in delivering successfully on your commitments in line with your mission and vision. I have designed a dedicated online training and workshop, “Deliver as a Leader!” supported by videos and workbooks to teach you how to achieve these objectives.

The books, online training and workshops are designed to be independent, so you can choose the topic that matters to you the most and start with that one first. In addition, you can find free training material on this website.

This is a powerful and unique training program that integrates studies and experience in advanced leadership, behavioral sciences, mindfulness, communication, project management and digital technologies. The program provides practical exercises supported by workbooks and videos to speed up your learning path. This program provides a unique new perspective for you to become an authentic and happy person, a successful leader, and a citizen of this world who provides a significant and positive contribution to the future of humankind.

Program Structure and Learning Path

The program is made up of the following activities:
– Regular online group sessions with Dimitri (Currently performed during the week-end)
– Perform online training based on videos, books and workbooks
Once enrolled in the program, you will get access to all listed activities and training material for the period of enrolment, with the exception of the two books, “Brilliant Well-Being” and “Mindful Leader, Ruthless Leader” that are available for purchase on Amazon.

You perform most of the training when you want, where you want, using your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. You watch the online video training and perform the practical exercises using the available videos and workbooks. You read the books to go deeper into each topic.
While building and increasing your foundational competencies, you will attend regular online sessions with Dimitri, who will help you to speed up your learning path and bring your skills to an advanced level.

Program Mission

We develop Successful Modern Leaders who build a meaningful life for themselves, for the people around them and collectively, for the whole world: a new generation of leaders who provide a significant and positive contribution to the future of humankind.

Training Mission

We provide an enriching and positive experience in a friendly environment where participants develop their skills and competencies to build their authentic vision of life, appreciate living in the present moment, and become self-confident and influential leaders.

Program Values

Personal development
Sustainable life

Payment Policy

The payment policy is based on trust:
– You check if the training is good for you, for free, for one month.
– No advanced payments.
– You pay only the attendance to online sessions with Dimitri during one month (The payment is at the end of the month).
– You stop when you want, at no cost.

Program Entry Requirements

With the Brilliant Well Being Leadership Program, you will achieve tangible results quickly. However, this program is entirely different from attending a mass online course, learning some techniques rapidly and moving to something else. The program requires focus and a good investment of time. The objective is to challenge who you are for you to build your authentic vision of life and to become a natural leader.

This program is open to a limited number of people and requires high engagement and commitment. Are you a professional, an entrepreneur or a leader with positive values and the mission to be successful and to change the world for the better? Are you committed to learning the skills to communicate and deliver as a leader? In addition to learning everything about leadership, are you interested in exploring concepts like mindfulness, meaning, holistic approach and life sustainability? Are you open to changing your way of thinking to go beyond yourself? Are you determined to become a natural leader?

If the answer to all questions above is yes, this Leadership Program is for you. Contact Dimitri to discuss your interests and motivation face-to-face in a short remote session via Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.

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